You’ve created a clear, cohesive, stand-out brand, and you’re off to the races.

Now what?

Have you ever wished you had a brand “shepherd” to guide you through important decisions about your product, services, pricing, communication strategy, new programs and graphics?

You don’t have to figure this out alone.


What would it be like to have an on-call Brand Manager who knows your brand inside and out and can help you make important decisions — the ones that, as the face of your brand, you might be a little too close to?

BRAND MANAGEMENT ongoing services allow you to have a trusted advisor on call for all those questions that come up as your business - and brand - grows.


And what better person to have in your back pocket than the one who knows your brand as well as you do?


Some examples of what we can do during your monthly hours:

  • Schedule a regular call for strategizing, planning and advice

  • Review of your sales page, website, Facebook ad design & copy, etc.

  • Light copywriting

  • Brainstorming ideas (or even names) for new offerings and product launches

  • Media & pitch target ideas, messaging and topic planning

  • “Sounding board” advice on any business issue related to your brand

  • Feedback on services and product offerings


As a valued client, I invite you to explore the ways in which I can continue to support you as your brand flourishes.




Additional hours as needed at $250 per hour.


Additional hours as needed at $225 per hour.


Additional hours as needed at $200 per hour.

Payments are due on the first of each month being reserved. Prepay 3 months in full and receive $150 off your package.

6-month options available upon request.


Not sure how many hours you need? Make your best guess and try it out for a month.

I want you to feel confident that you’re selecting the best package for your needs.


Additional hours as needed at $260 per hour.


Additional hours as needed at $235 per hour.

Brand Mgmt.png

Additional hours as needed at $210 per hour.

Please note: A trial month is a one-time only offer for first time BRAND MANAGEMENT retainer clients to assess their contract level prior to committing to a 3- or 6-month package.

The fine print:

This offer is for prior clients only. As of now, unused hours do not roll over month to month, because I’ll setting aside the time (and possibly turning down projects) in order to budget the right amount of time per our contract.

Note: I offer a trial month if you’re worried about too many or not enough hours.

Also note: I’m a reasonable person. :)

What we can’t fit within retainer hours: A full rebranding project; a full website overhaul; writing all website copy; digital marketing implementation (though I will help with strategy and content and can recommend people to implement); pitching to media on your behalf.

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Ready? Let’s get cracking!

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