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Rabia Ahmed, Executive Director of MBA Admissions,
NYU Stern School of Business


“Rebecca is a consummate professional and an amazing partner whose creativity has helped us think through how best to reach a new customer base when launching our product, and has provided ideas which go beyond the traditional marketing assets. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and incredibly adept at understanding our consumer and priorities. 

Rebecca is the exact type of partner we wanted: someone who can think strategically and help drive results immediately. She's also incredibly thoughtful and has a fantastic understanding of the underlying data that helps drive decisions. We would not have had such a successful first year of our new program launch without her help and we’re lucky to have her on board. 

We hope to work with Rebecca over and over again!”


Liz Lajoie, Founder and Zen Money CFO, Zen Money Initiative

“I wanted to work with someone who would "get me", not try to push their agenda or rush the process. Once I made the decision to do the work, I wanted it to be done well. Rebecca was very caring and careful, and I appreciated her open and easy partnership, communication style and hand-holding through a surprisingly personal process.

I now have clear language to describe how we work and why we're special. It's made everything from writing ad copy to giving interviews MUCH easier and more streamlined. I didn't realize how disjointed my messaging was before our work together.

Between her seemingly effortless ability to pull together a vision of your best potential and her eye to detail (nothing is left in question), Rebecca takes branding to a new level. She marries wonderful creativity with impeccable project management, and you're left with a supremely satisfying experience AND a comprehensive, perfect-for-you brand strategy.

She was committed to getting it exactly right, from overall brand impressions to tagline language. It all fits together so beautifully! Everyone should work with Rebecca; it's a game-changer.

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Justine Pattantyus, Business Alchemist, Owner, Justine Sparks

"Rebecca is a wizard! She so obviously got me, my vision and my style, even before we ever talked on the phone. 

She knew how to tune into the key parts of me, personally, and my business and bring the two together so I can speak about myself with greater clarity. Not only did she hone into the heart of who I am, she was able to take copy that I wrote, tighten it up and make it sound even more like me than I was able to. 

When she sent over my Brand Overview document for the first time, I started tearing up when I read the personal brand story.

I now have clarity in relation to my brand and what I am leveraging within myself to convey that with my current audience and potential clients. I am confident in my brand tone and how I will communicate it. We created a strong foundation that I can work from going forward.”

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Nichole Stohler, Co-founder, Gateway Private  Equity

We've really enjoyed working with Rebecca and her help has been amazing.  

We're thrilled with the brand strategy and how she's helped us define our business.

Before working with Rebecca, we didn't have a clear picture of the image and message that we wanted to convey.  We were lost in the weeds with so many competing priorities and were accidentally sending mixed messages. Rebecca helped us to define our brand and what we want to consistently share with our audience and clients.  She's given us a guiding direction which helps keep us focused so that we can be more effective in all of our marketing efforts.

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Heather Sheridan, Owner, Revel Yoga

My work with Rebecca was invaluable.

I was launching a new business and wanted to develop a clear brand and voice for my yoga studio. Rebecca was able to take all that was swarming in my head and make it organized and cohesive as we developed my brand. She was very friendly and welcoming and made me feel comfortable opening up to her and sharing my vision. I didn't realize how much fun it was going to be! 

Honestly, the whole process was awesome.

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Saima Bhatti, Owner and Founder of PhysPop

"As a “mom entrepreneur" I was looking for a marketing partner who I would enjoy working with, who would understand my business and product idea and who had the experience and savvy to help me develop a strong marketing strategy.  Rebecca was a perfect match across all three fronts and I feel incredibly lucky to have found her! 

She is smart, professional and immediately “got” my business and what I’m trying to build.  She has been instrumental in helping me establish a social media presence that I can grow with, develop marketing tag lines that speak to the type of brand I’m hoping to cultivate and conduct invaluable industry research. 

Rebecca is a wonderful, versatile and thoughtful person who is also very relationship oriented.  I’m excited to continue to work with her in the future as I launch my budding business."


Maria Mayer Feng, Owner and Founder of Maria Mayer Feng Fine Book Design

Working with Rebecca on a branding strategy for my business has led to the biggest revelation I have had since being in business for over 10 years. My NYC based boutique design studio has been around for over a decade, so we thought we knew a thing or two, but this process with her was mind-blowing. 

Rebecca is very professional and very personable at the same time, with just the right amount of emotional handholding. She really understood the essence of what we do. My work with Rebecca not only elevated my confidence as studio owner, but it helped bring in new projects very quickly, and it changed the way we do business!

Rebecca helped us understand the true needs of our clients, their aspirations and wants, and helped us clearly define where they stand and why they come to us. She helped us see what adds value to our clients, which I had previously overlooked. And being able to have that understanding sets the stage in a completely new way.  Now, more projects come through, versus getting stuck in the beginning stages, as they so often did in the past, and I  fully grasp why. Knowing why things develop in a certain way makes it so easy to adjust.

I loved working with Rebecca. She is just what I needed: non-intimidating professionalism with this great analytical ability to put herself in my businesses shoes, and to understand what this is all about. She made us see the trees in the forest.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!


Julie Lawrence, Deputy Director, Community Cultivation at Clinton Housing Development Company

I recommend Rebecca highly as a branding and marketing consultant who has a cross-platform ability to clarify identity and communicate strong, resilient projects with real impact.

Rebecca consulted with our non-profit social equity project CultivateHKNY, through the Taproot Foundation. She worked with us closely to show us how branding and graphic design could clarify and elevate our communication strategy. Her work helped lay the groundwork for our organization to redevelop its own larger website and branding presence. She encouraged us to delve deeply into creating a long-term vision for our programs and helped us articulate that vision both internally and to the larger community through our project website and newsletter.

Rebecca’s in-depth analyses were thoughtful and very much on-target, helping us build on the strengths of our programs. She understood our longer-term challenges, how to engage language and graphics to illustrate our direction, and develop a compelling story for our stakeholders.

Rebecca was patient and thorough in working with us to capture just the right voice and identity we hoped to convey, and taught us a great deal about meaningful and effective communications. 


Liane Kentas, Real Estate Investor

Rebecca consistently delivered outstanding results. She took the time to fully understand the business needs and requirements of each project and all of her projects were executed flawlessly and on-time.

I always appreciated Rebecca’s strategic vision, attention to detail and her ability to stay positive and calm during the most challenging projects.

I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.


Leah Kent, Transformational Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer at Leah Cherry Kent

"Rebecca, I can't thank you enough both for our great strategy call today and this amazing, thorough guide! I'm soaking it up and so much of it is resonating so strongly with me. Thank you, thank you!